Pt 128 The Lord of Hosts

Verzen: 1
M. Luther (1483-1546)
M. Luther (1483-1546)

1 God is our refuge and our strength,
A helper ever near us;
We will not fear though earth be moved,
For God is nigh to cheer us.
Although the mountains quake
And earth's foundations shake,
Though angry billows roar
And break against the shore,
Our mighty God will hear us.

2 God's city is forever blest
With living waters welling;
Since God is there she stands unmoved
'Mid tumults round her swelling;
God speaks and all is peace,
From war the nations cease;
The Lord of Hosts is nigh,
Our fathers' God Most High
Is our eternal dwelling.

3 Behold what God has done on earth;
His wrath brings desolation,
His grace, commanding wars to cease,
Brings peace to every nation;
Be still, for He is Lord,
By all the earth adored;
The Lord of Hosts is nigh,
Our fathers' God Most High
Is our strong habitation.

Bron: Psalter 128 naar Psalm 46

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