Pt 176 A Revived Church and Missions

S.S. Wesley (1810-1876)
S.S. Wesley (1810-1876)

1 O God, to us show mercy
And bless us in Thy grace;
Cause Thou to shine upon us
The brightness of Thy face;
That so Thy way most holy
On earth may soon be known,
And unto every people
Thy saving grace be shown.

2 O God, let all men praise Thee,
Let all the nations sing,
In every land let praises
And songs of gladness ring;
For Thou shalt judge the people
In truth and righteousness,
And through the earth the nations
Shall Thy just rule confess.

3 O God, let people praise Thee,
Let all the nations sing,
For earth in rich abundance
To us her fruit shall bring.
The Lord our God shall bless us,
Our God shall blessing send,
And all the earth shall fear Him
To its remotest end.

Bron: Psalter 176 naar Psalm 67

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