Pt 27 God the Highest Good

Alexander Reinagle (1799-1877)
Alexander Reinagle (1799-1877)

1 O God, preserve me, for in Thee
Alone my trust has stood;
My soul has said, Thou art my Lord,
My chief and only good.

2 I love Thy saints, who fear Thy Name
And walk as in Thy sight;
They are the excellent of earth,
In them is my delight.

3 Their sorrows shall be multiplied
Who worship aught but Thee;
I share not in their offerings,
Nor join their company.

4 The Lord is my inheritance,
The Lord alone remains
The fullness of my cup of bliss;
The Lord my lot maintains.

5 The lines are fallen unto me
In places large and fair;
A goodly heritage is mine,
Marked out with gracious care.

Bron: Psalter 27 naar Psalm 16

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