Pt 430/Ps 150 Hallelujah! Praise Ye God!

J. Worp, D. Sanderman
J. Worp, D. Sanderman

1 Hallelujah! Praise ye God!
In His temple shout His laud,
Praise Him in the wide extent
Of His spacious firmament,
Sing Jehovah's praise uprightly;
Praise Him for the plentitude
Of His boundless magnitude,
Praise Him for His deeds so mighty.

2 Praise Him with the trumpet sound,
Let Jehovah's praise abound,
Praise Him with the psaltery,
Harp unto His majesty,
Praise Him with the pipe and timbrel;
Praise Him with stringed instruments,
Organ forth His excellence,
Praise Him with the sounding cymbal.

3 Let the clashing cymbals ring,
To the praise of God, the King,
Praise Him with a mighty sound,
Let your voice shake the ground
With the praises of Jehovah;
All that breathe, exalt the Lord,
All ye men, His fame record;
Great is God! Sing: HALLELUJAH!

Bron: Psalter 430 naar Psalm 150

Ps 150 Looft God, looft zijn Naam alom / H. Ghijsen - Psalm 150

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